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Our Mission 

Working in the action sports industry in the 1990s and later while attending graduate business school, Cary Allington saw a significant gap in communication between the core retail sector and their suppliers – a gap which had already been bridged in many other industries. In 2001 Cary began seeking a technology partner, conducting the necessary background research and developing the business plan. He ultimately joined friend Todd Anderson to found AA Data Company and ActionWatch in 2004.


With ActionWatch, AA Data Company strives to provide both retailers and manufacturers in the action sports industry with information that will better their businesses. Using a business model that is very similar to this type of program in other industries, ActionWatch provides retailers with free benchmarking data and helps strengthen the voice of the independent retail channel. Manufacturers can then not only hear this “voice” on a regular basis, thereby increasing the attention to the independent channel, but also have an information resource that helps them better understand what is desired by their ultimate customers – the consumers.


Action sports retailers are unique and fiercely independent with disparate styles, customers and even business models. AA Data Company, through the ActionWatch program, strives to provide the technology and resources that allow diverse retailers to retain their independence yet join together to communicate to their suppliers with a loud and unified voice so that both action sports retailers and manufacturers can better understand and respond to their customers.