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Here is what a few of our subscribers have said about ActionWatch

Brett Savage, VP Product, Reef

 "ActionWatch has been a huge asset for Reef and is used daily by our merchandising teams. It allows us to monitor the competitive landscape and validate all our product strategies. Our design team loves it as it quickly allows us to research and review some of the retailer and rep feedback and make educated product decisions. Our planning team is also using this tool to help validate our buy plans. With the economy down and a focus on reducing inventory it is critical that you have a tool to get visibility to the flow of product, which ActionWatch allows us to do. As long as there is power running to the Reef building, we will be using this tool."


Doug Palladini, VP Marketing, Vans

“As an early adopter of the ActionWatch data, Vans has benefitted from the many substantial insights such a rich information source can afford our business. Selfishly, we'd like to have these reports all to ourselves, but we also know ActionWatch has the power to enlighten the entire action sports industry.”


Jason Regehr, Sales Operations Manager, Sole Technology

“With ActionWatch we finally have real, reliable data on the performance and position of our brands and products in the marketplace.  For years all we had were opinions and anecdotes. Now we have actionable reporting to help us drive sales of the right products at the right price points for the market.”


Jason Steris, President, Volcom

“ActionWatch provides our teams with accurate product performance results.  We value this resource and appreciate all the retailer participants who are supporting ActionWatch and supplying the data.”


Jeff Harbaugh, TW Biz Market Watch columnist and industry consultant

“Finally, somebody is providing the industry with high quality, easy to analyze data on sales and margins by brand and style.  I have no idea why you wouldn’t buy it-especially now.”

(Note: Jeff Harbaugh & Associates does not subscribe to ActionWatch, but Jeff is very familiar with the service.)


Steve DeMars, VP Operations, RVCA

“ActionWatch provides the necessary data to help aid you in building a competitive line plan. Eliminating the guess work has never been more important.”


Tom Holbrook, EVP Strategic Brand Development, Quiksilver

“Managers in Quiksilver’s sales, marketing, and merchandising departments all get great value from the ActionWatch information. Their reports help quantify what our own field research may determine is going on in our important ‘core’ markets. ActionWatch is a great tool for our business.”