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Manufacturers make better decisions with better information

Your ability to clearly identify, understand and respond to market changes can determine success or failure. ActionWatch aggregates actual retail pos data to provide critical information on your consumers’ changing desires in the independent specialty surf/skate retail channel. The information is presented in a format that is concise yet robust and dynamically accessible. The data is updated every month and includes key information such as market share, pricing, gross margin and sales volume metrics.


"ActionWatch has been a huge asset for Reef and is used daily by our merchandising teams..."

Brett Savage, VP Product, Reef   (Click here to read more subscriber comments)


ActionWatch subscribers gain tremendous value from our market intelligence in many different functional areas of their organizations.



Merchandising managers find that the data substantially enhances their information sets used to guide decisions on line depth and breadth. The increased visibility into product trends helps clarify merchandise mix strategies.


Product Design

Designers use the data to provide additional clarity on style trend directions. Consumers vote on styles with their wallets—ActionWatch tallies their votes.



Sales managers use ActionWatch data to better understand their brand’s performance at retail as it relates to their competitors’ performances, thereby providing additional guidance for refining their sales strategies.


Strategic Planning

Strategic planners use the data to identify and clarify brand strengths and weaknesses along with market opportunities and threats.



Marketers use ActionWatch data to help measure the effectiveness of their own and their competitors’ product-focused advertising campaigns.


ActionWatch data is provided to subscribers through a web-based, business intelligence software application that enables the huge amount of disparate data collected from the panel each month to be consolidated into an understandable and actionable format.



Click here to see the list of product categories we track.




Tom Holbrook,


"Managers in Quiksilver’s sales, marketing, and merchandising departments all get great value from the ActionWatch information… ActionWatch is a great tool for our business."

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