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Here is what a few of our panel members have said about ActionWatch

Bob Culbertson, Calavera Board Supply, AZ

"Action Watch gives us 100+ "branch stores" to compare our results whether we are excelling or falling behind in a category ( to compete with the 800 lb corporate gorilla chains)."


Bruce Cromartie, BC Surf & Sport

 "I would definitely recommend ActionWatch to other specialty retailers.  In the first months we participated, we picked up on a number of items we weren't previously carrying that have performed extremely well."


Donny Damron, Pharmacy Board Shops, CA

“This is a great service for our industry.”


Duke Edukas, Surfside Sports, Costa Mesa, CA

"Surfside has been on the ActionWatch panel for several years and we believe it is the single most reliable source of statistical information available in our industry. The reports we get in exchange for our participation are super interesting and informative, especially knowing they are so accurate. These are scientific reports compiled from tons of data uploaded directly from retailers' point-of-sale computers. No shooting-from-the-hip human errors, just technological bullseyes."


"We trust Cary and his team when they tell us that our store's data will be kept confidential. Our information is mixed in with the data from hundreds of other stores so that nobody outside or even inside the ActionWatch team can tell where the data originated, other than that it came from independent surf/skate retailers all over the country who participate in the panel."


Mark Anderson, Blindside, Orem, UT

“ActionWatch helps us compete against big box stores with their reports.”


Mark Zitter, Phase II, Milwaukee, WI

“ActionWatch helps my business see the future of our industry.”


Mikke Pierson, ZJ Boarding House, Santa Monica, CA

“I scan through the ActionWatch reports every month to get an update on what’s happening in other stores like mine.”


Scott Oreschnick, Cal Surf, Minneapolis, MN

“I like having data to compare my store against. It shows me what is unique about my store with regard to prevailing trends. Use it Dude!”


William “Boog” Cram, Ohana Surf & Skate, Galveston, TX

“The ActionWatch guys make it very easy to participate.”