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Free benchmarking reports for participating retailers

Panel members receive free access to a series of reports updated each month along with a comprehensive annual review at the end of each year. There are over 60 reports updated each month covering:

Top Brands and Models in over 45 product classes

Use these reports to see which brands are performing the best in other stores like yours by seeing market shares, average margins and other useful metrics.

Product Categories reports in all the significant categories

Use these reports to better understand the performance of the product categories sold in stores like yours. Answer questions such as:

What percentage of sales comes from denim in the average store?

What margin does the average retailer earn on shoes or skate hardgoods?

Price Points reports in various categories

Should you have more or less product in certain price points? These reports include easy-to-understand bar graphs that show the percentage of units sold in each $5 price category, which allows you to easily identify price category volume in the average store and compare it to your store.

Same-Store Year-over-Year Report

This report only includes data from stores that were on the panel in the latest month and also in the same month in the prior year. It shows the percent change in revenue received for many product classes compared to the prior year. How does your store’s revenue growth compare?

Contact us and request a temporary login to check out the free reports.


Increased voice of the independent specialty retailer

Panel members help guide their industry and increase the exposure and voice of the independent specialty retail channel:

Many of your suppliers subscribe to the ActionWatch service.

What gets measured gets managed! Monthly stats representing independent retailers and delivered to your suppliers provides them consistent feedback on how they are performing compared to their competitors in your retail channel.

Transworld Business magazine’s “Core Retail Report” publishes ActionWatch

  data in every issue.

This regular column brings more attention to the independent specialty retail channel because it features only your retail channel (no Pac Sun, no Zumiez, no large chains).

Many financial analysts subscribe to ActionWatch.

The analysts who rate public companies such as Volcom and Quiksilver affect share prices with their periodic ratings – and many of these analysts use ActionWatch data to help them measure the performance of your suppliers! This motivates your suppliers to perform well in the independent specialty retail channel.


Right product at the right time

ActionWatch provides the missing communication link between suppliers and retailers, helping suppliers better understand what your customers want. This helps you serve your customers better by helping suppliers serve you better! And this is done without retailers having to expose their sales information to their suppliers. The ActionWatch data is aggregated from over 250 independent specialty stores and keeps individual store data completely confidential.


Product categories tracked

Apparel (three tiers)



Hardgoods (three tiers)

Accessories (three tiers)





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Bruce Cromartie,

BC Surf & Sport

"I would definitely recommend ActionWatch to other specialty retailers..."

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