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TRANSWORLD Business articles on using your POS Software

• Use Your POS Software for Better Vendor Management

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Dionco Inc.

Jim Dion is an internationally known consultant, keynote speaker, trainer and author of best-selling books "Retail Selling Ain’t Brain Surgery, It’s Twice as Hard” and “Start and Run a Retail Business." He has a bunch of great articles available on his website.  Here is one our our favorites.


"The Real Cost of Inventory" (PDF)

Examines GMROII and other retail management tools


POS Software Guide

Loaded with tips about how to get more value from your POS software (as well as a great tool for helping you pick the right POS software).


Retail Smart Guys

This is a retail consulting company that is an affiliate of Management One and is working with several action sports retailers, helping them utilize their POS data to make better decisions.


POS Systems in the Action Sports Industry

In early 2006 we called over 2,000 surf and/or skate shops in the U.S. and did a quick POS survey. We found out that over half the retailers in our industry are using a POS system. Here’s a report showing which ones are used the most.


Retail Prescriptions for Profit Video Series

• The Power of New

• Inventory Turnover

• Initial Markup

• Markdowns

• Merchandising by Classification

• Cash Flow

• Paper Profits vs. Cash on Hand


• Sell and Buy

• Merchandis Planning and Open to Buy

• The Pradox of Inventory

• Mistakes to Avoid at Trade Shows